Gary Michael Turner’s “I Just Wanna Be Me”

After recording Just 5's EP "Songs to Help You Cope" with producer Zach Crowell from Nashville, TN in 2008, group member Gary Michael Turner began work with Crowell on his debut solo project. It began as a creative outlet for Turner while the group began work on the next Just 5 album, but what came out of the recording sessions was something that he never expected: A new sound and an outlet to express his creativity. "I Just Wanna Be Me" is the debut album from Gary Michael Turner, and with the success of his debut single "Silent Love Affair", he already has some internet buzz going about the sexy club vibe of this new sound he has found. Collaborating with artists Brandon E, Josh Hoge, Syn, Ashley O, and more, Turner and Crowell have created an album that's both sexy and stylish, and is sure to get people to their feet on the dance floor.

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